Ruben Bimmel

Game Development

No Sanctuary VR

Assignment: Create a game inspired by a location in Berlin
Duration: 2 months
Team size: 6
Role: 3D art

In this VR game you experience the horrors of a person experiencing a nuclear attack inside a German bomb shelter. The game was inspired by our visit to an actual bomb shelter in Berlin. In this game you walk around through an empty shelter. In every room there is an artefact that tells a part of the story that took place after the impact. When you are near one of these artefacts you start hearing the sounds from the event.

For this project I created the 3D environment. The challenge for this was that bunkers by themselves are not the most pretty looking environments. They have a lot of right angles and flat surfaces. Therefore we quickly decided to use lights visual effects to make the environment look more interesting.

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